12 Friendship Green Flags to look out for!


Last time we talked about Friendship Red Flags to be aware off. This time, we are discussing the 12 Friendship Green Flags to be celebrated. 

Green Flags are those attributes or characteristics to a friend that we would consider positive and healthy in a friendship. 

1. Friends Who Are Considerate

Having considerate friends is incredibly valuable, though often taken for granted. These friends:

  • Check your comfort level before doing something potentially offensive, like posting a photo on social media.
  • Respect your time.
  • Ask for your input on plans instead of always deciding what to do.
  • Give you a heads-up about event attendees if they know someone might make you uncomfortable.

Their thoughtfulness shows how much they care about your happiness, making them a true gift in a world that can often be selfish.

2. Friends Who Respect Your Boundaries

Respectful friends are also considerate, but they ensure your safety by not:

  • Manipulating or forcing you to do things you don’t want to do.
  • Probing you about sensitive topics.
  • Guilt-tripping or shaming you for your discomforts.

Examples include:

  • Not offering you shots if they know you’ve stopped drinking hard liquor.
  • Avoiding topics like your ex-boyfriend if the breakup was painful.
  • Not asking you to ride roller coasters if you're afraid of them.

These friends honor your boundaries without trying to pressure you into crossing them.

3. Friends Who Hold You Accountable, with Love

These friends can call you out on your behavior without offending you because they care about your well-being. They:

  • Remind you of your goals, like saving money, before you splurge.
  • Point out when you’ve been rude and encourage you to apologize.
  • Call you out on gossiping when they know it bothers you.

They remind you of your actions' consequences, helping you avoid unnecessary suffering.

4. Friends Who Are Positive

Positive friends bring a different energy than just being nice. They:

  • Help you keep an optimistic perspective.
  • Teach you to find joy in everyday life.
  • Avoid negative gossip and treat everyone with respect.

Their genuine pursuit of happiness brings light into your life.

5. Friends Who Reciprocate

These friends make an effort to show up for you within their capacity. Reciprocity in friendship means:

  • Making an effort to be present and supportive.
  • Understanding that sometimes one might give more, but it's balanced over time.

Reciprocal friends value the friendship and contribute when they can.

6. Friends Who Believe in Your Character

These friends understand your heart and intentions. They:

  • Don't assume the worst when mistakes happen.
  • Address issues directly instead of jumping to conclusions.
  • See beyond your actions and recognize when something is wrong.

Their grace and trust in you make them golden.

7. Friends Who Pour Into You

These friends genuinely want the best for you and show up by:

  • Sharing beneficial knowledge.
  • Offering wisdom and support when you’re down.
  • Encouraging you with daily reminders of your strengths.

Their support and desire to see you succeed make them invaluable.

8. Friends Who Engage in Healthy Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, but these friends handle it well by:

  • Being good communicators and listeners.
  • Avoiding passive-aggressiveness.
  • Valuing everyone’s feelings and seeking resolution.

With these friends, disagreements don't threaten the relationship because they know how to talk it out.

9. Friends Who Are Open and Honest

These friends share their lives and allow a deeper connection by:

  • Being transparent without trauma dumping.
  • Allowing you to learn about them and how to support them.
  • Not putting on façades and being real about their feelings.

Their vulnerability reflects their trust in you, which is a beautiful thing.

10. Friends Who Create a Safe Space for You

When it’s your turn to share, these friends:

  • Don’t judge you.
  • Actively listen and give undivided attention.
  • Validate your feelings and respect your privacy.

They protect your heart and give you peace of mind.

11. Friends Who Celebrate You

These friends are genuinely happy for your achievements and milestones. They:

  • Celebrate your reading goals with gifts.
  • Offer to be involved in your wedding planning.
  • Write heartfelt messages about your accomplishments.

Their enthusiasm for your success shows their deep care.

12. Friends Who Are Fun!

These friends bring light and laughter into your life. They:

  • Love spending quality time and having a good time.
  • Encourage you to let loose and try new things.
  • Create unforgettable memories.

Their presence brings joy and helps you create lasting memories.

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