About Us

About Us - Nina & Sila

After5 is the platform to make new friends and connections for ambitious, life-loving, authentic women.

After5 is founded by Nina de Graaf and Sila Uygun Fidan who have lived in various vibrant cities around the world, including Istanbul, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Shanghai, Paris, and Liverpool. They crossed paths in Istanbul and eventually found themselves living in Rotterdam, each on their individual journeys.

We also recognize the impact that close and meaningful friendships can have on one's life, enriching it in countless ways. After5 was created with you in mind, to facilitate connections with inspiring women and foster valuable friendships throughout your unique journey.


45% of adults struggle to make new friends

73% of millennials want to make new friends

And 81% of women consider friendships as important to them as romantic relationships

And we are here to solve it!