5 Easy Way to Meet With New People

5 Easy Way to Meet With New People


Wether you have just moved to a new city and need to build up your social circle from scratch because you don't know anyone yet or you have lived in your city for your whole life or some time... it is always nice to meet new people and make new friends. 

It can definitely be challenging to meet new people and make new friends. We have busy lives, our jobs, our hobbies and maybe an already existing social circle that we want to maintain as well. And therefor, sometimes it can seem quite difficult to meet up with new people. 

Making friends in a new place is important, but it takes some effort. It's not just about meeting new people; it's about building real connections.


We wanted to make that easier for you! 

So here are 5 simple tips to help you make new friends or how to meet new people:


1. Be Open to New Experiences: Join New Communities 

Trying new things and being open to new experiences also opens us up to meeting new and different kinds of people. When we try something new and are in an environment that we don't know yet we are also more likely to run into unfamiliar faces. You can try out a new hobby or activity. There are several local communities that you can join and meet with new people who are also interested in the same activities as you; try the local sport club or that cool yoga place around the corner! You can also check out several online communities as well!


2. Say Hello First

Don't be shy! Start conversations with people around you. It could be a simple "hello" or asking about something you both have in common. You will be surprised about how many people are open to have a little chat, they just might find it difficult to be the first one to start the conversation. So don't be afraid to be the first to start the conversation if you feel like it!  


3. Go to Social Events...by yourself

Attend gatherings or events on your own - this might sound very scary but it's a good chance to meet people who are in the same boat as you. When we go somewhere by ourselves, we cannot rely on others to do the talking for us, and even though this might take a little bit of extra courage, it could be a great way to step out of your comfort zone and meet up with new people.  



4. Join After5

If you are millennial women, and want to meet other like-minded women to connect with, then you should consider joining After5. Meet up with other women who have never met each other and share a dinner together while sipping some wine at the greatest hotspots in Amsterdam. It is one of the best ways to meet new people in your city! 

You get to connect to 3 to 5 other women - a perfect setting to really get to know each other, no large crowds here! It is a fun and way to go on a girls night out and meet other women who are also ready to connect, meet new people and make new friends in Amsterdam. 

Check out upcoming tables here 


5. Be Patient

Making friends takes time. Don't rush it. Be patient, and let friendships develop naturally. Enjoy knowing new people and sharing new experiences! 


Having the need to make new friends is totally normal and really what we need at any stage of our lives.. After all, we don't stay the same ourselves either, so sometimes it is just nice to connect to new people. 

Having the right friends around us is important, so we can share our interest, feel connected, and feel cared for. 

So, keep an open heart, be friendly, and enjoy the journey!

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