5 Things I Did to Feel Less Lonely in My 30s

5 Things I Did to Feel Less Lonely in My 30s

5 Things I Did to Feel Less Lonely in My 30s

Loneliness can creep up on anyone, especially in your 30s. Between career demands, personal growth, and the ever-present digital distractions, it’s easy to feel isolated. However, I discovered that combating loneliness requires intentional actions and mindset shifts. Here are the five things I did that significantly reduced my feelings of loneliness and enriched my social life.

1. I Started Taking Group Fitness Classes After a Day of Remote Work

Working remotely can be incredibly isolating. The lack of in-person interaction often left me feeling disconnected. To counter this, I began attending group fitness classes in the evenings. Not only did this provide a structured way to stay active, but it also allowed me to meet like-minded individuals who shared my interest in health and wellness. The camaraderie and the regular, face-to-face interactions with others helped me feel part of a community.

2. I Joined Events Focused on Community & Female Friendship

Seeking out events that emphasized community and female friendships was a game-changer. I attended meetups, workshops, and social gatherings specifically designed to bring women together. These events were a fantastic way to form new friendships and support networks. Surrounding myself with women who were also looking to connect helped me build a strong sense of belonging and support.

3. I Invited More Friends to My Home and Cooked for Them

There’s something incredibly intimate and bonding about inviting friends into your home and sharing a meal. I made a conscious effort to host more dinner parties and casual get-togethers. Cooking for my friends became a joyous activity that allowed me to express my love and care for them. These gatherings not only strengthened my existing friendships but also provided an opportunity for deeper, more meaningful conversations.

4. I Started to Actually Show Up to the Things I Said Yes To

In the past, I often found myself saying yes to plans but then cancelling at the last minute. I realized this habit was contributing to my loneliness. So, I made a commitment to follow through on my promises. By showing up to social events, coffee dates, and other commitments, I honored my friendships and demonstrated that I valued my time with others. This consistency helped strengthen my relationships and created a more reliable social network.

5. I Shifted My Mindset Around Loneliness and Made My Alone Time Special

One of the most transformative changes was altering my mindset about loneliness. Instead of viewing alone time as a negative experience, I began to see it as an opportunity for self-care and personal growth. I treated myself to luxurious solo activities like spa nights, reading sessions with my favorite books, and exploring new hobbies. By making my alone time feel special and intentional, I cultivated a sense of contentment and inner peace that diminished my feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is a common experience, but it doesn’t have to define your life. By taking proactive steps to connect with others and reframing your perspective on solitude, you can build a rich, fulfilling social life even in the midst of a busy decade. These five strategies helped me feel less lonely and more connected, and I hope they can do the same for you.

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