6 Easy Way to Meet With New People in Amsterdam

6 Easy Way to Meet With New People in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city full of expats, internationals and great cultural life. It’s a compact city where you can bike everywhere, but at the same time, a big city where you can find anything you want! It’s for sure one of the best cities to live in the Netherlands and Northern Europe! 

Moving to Amsterdam as an expat or an international, is like starting a big adventure. Even though the city is beautiful and full of history and nightlife, everything is new - your home, school or job, friends, food, and daily routine. It's a lot to take in!

At first, you'll be busy with getting used to the new place and getting the bureaucratic hurdles out of the way. Once you start settling in, you might start to think "Who should I call to go out tonight?"

Making friends in a new place is important, but it takes some effort. It's not just about meeting new people; it's about building real connections.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you make friends if you are new in Amsterdam: 

 1. Be Open to New Experiences: Join New Communities 

Try new things and be open to meeting different people. It could be someone from your own country or locals from your new place. There are a bunch of new experiences that you can discover in Amsterdam. There are several local communities that you can join and meet with new people who are also interested in the same activities as you; try the local sport club or that cool yoga place around the corner! You can check out several online communities as well, such as these Facebook groups:  Expat Republic Amsterdam, Expats in Amsterdam and many more.


2. Say Hello First

Don't be shy! Start conversations with people around you. It could be a simple "hello" or asking about something you both have in common. Be open to start the conversation if you feel like it! 


3. Go to Social Events

Attend gatherings or events for newcomers. It's a good chance to meet people who are in the same boat as you. You can check out Meetup and the Facebook Groups to find out what kind of events are happening in Amsterdam. Don’t hesitate to go there by yourself, even if your friends are not joining you - you might find new people that you share interests with!


4. Learn Dutch

There is a feeling among internationals that Dutch people are really good at English. Even if it’s almost 100% correct and you might feel like sometimes English is a native language in the Netherlands, learning Dutch can open doors while you are building your new life! By learning Dutch, you can start to build connections with locals and start to find your way in your city easier! 


5. Join After5

If you are millennial women, and want to meet other like-minded women to connect with, then you should consider joining After5. Meet up with other women who have never met each other and share a dinner together while sipping some wine at the greatest hotspots in Amsterdam. It is one of the best ways to meet new people in your city! 

You get to connect to 3 to 5 other women - a perfect setting to really get to know each other, no large crowds here! It is a fun and way to go on a girls night out and meet other women who are also ready to connect, meet new people and make new friends in Amsterdam. 

Check out upcoming tables here


6. Be Patient

Making friends takes time. Don't rush it. Be patient, and let friendships develop naturally. Enjoy knowing new people and sharing new experiences! 


Remember, making friends is part of the adventure of being a newcomer in Amsterdam and an expat. Whether you connect with fellow expats who understand your challenges or locals who can show you the ropes, building a social circle is an important step to feeling at home in your new country. So, keep an open heart, be friendly, and enjoy the journey!


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