Amsterdam City Guide - Start your Day Right in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Guide - Start your Day Right in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is always so special to us - since we really love discovering this city - it has a lot to offer! You can find the cutest cafes in different neighboorhoods in Amsterdam, from Nord to Pijp - from Bos en Lomeer to the center. It’s always so much fun to discover new cafe’s in this city with friends and enjoy the delicious coffee & bakeries they serve! 

These are our favorite cafes’ in Amsterdam: 

  1. Rum Baba Bakery & Roastery 

We love the diversity of the coffee in Rum Baba a lot! It’s in the East and such a creative spot. If you are into Unique Flavors such as honey, sweet orange - don’t forget to try it here. They sometimes also have workshops for brewing tips - which is open to walk-ins! 

Tip: They recently launched Coffee Candy Boxes with diverse coffee flavours! Don’t forget to try them out! 

      2. Lot61

It’s our favorite coffee place as an artisanal espresso bar - no doubt! It’s a B-Corp Coffee place which commits sustainability, and just next to the Foodhallen! Even at the cafe, you can sit next to the window and watch outside while you are having filter coffee, or tasty espresso. The founders also have pretty experience on having a coffee place since they workes in Sydney and NYC before! 

Tip: Don’t forget to check out Foodhallen after - also, during Saturdays there is a open air market that you can buy fresh fruits from! 


3. Friedhats FUKU Café

Love the funky vibe of FUKU! The Co-Founder of Fuku won the barista of the Netherlands two times, so it’s a place to have a coffee with vibrant and diverse taste. They serve different type of coffee and with psychedelic packaging! The Cafe is in Bos en Lommer neighborhood - which is in the west of the city and a bit in the residential area. They have a cute, small backyard to sit outside when the weather is sunny. 

Tip: If the weather is good - you can also go for a walk in Erasmuspark, which is really close to FUKU! 


 4. Bakkerij Wolf

If you are around the center, visit Bakkerij Wolf - which is at the cutest part of the center, Jordaan! Amazing place to go for a breakfast and really cute interior design. It’s inside of the boutique hotel Morgan & Mees - and their head chef serves delicious pastry at Bakkerij Wolf. They have a delicious coffee as well which can be combined with the sweets! 

Tip: Go for a walk at Jordaan and get lost in the cutest streets! There are also several bars around the neighborhood! 


5. Scandinavian Embassy

Personally, I love Scandinavian pastry a lot! So, this spot is one of my to-go places when I crave them. They serve pretty tasty coffee, also the pastry here is so tasty. They have really bright interior, and the location is in one of the colorful streets of De Pijp! 

Tip: There's a dog park next - if you have a dog, it's a great place to combine walking with a great coffee!



Love the interior of TOKI! It’s with bamboo  and natural stone which makes the vibe of the cafe more relaxing! Their coffee menu is for everyone, from filter coffee to various espresso types. Also, the small details of the place is super cute! 

Tip: Have a walk at beautiful Haarlemmerdijk! 


7. Coffee Bru

Drop by Coffee Bru for a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a sweet treat. They are inspired by South African coffee bars and strive to create a cozy atmosphere! They also play really cool playlists and it’s a cozy place to work from!


8. Coffee Virus

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, creator - you must visit this place! It’s at Amsterdam A Lab, where you can drink delicious coffee while working with your PC or reading your book. It’s also a great place to network since the place attract like-minded people in the city! 


9. La Oficina

This is one of our favorite places in the city - for sure! La Oficina is not just a coffee place, they also offer tasty nature wines, different kinds of foods for lunch and breakfast. It’s a pretty creative space with a design studio in it - you can find a shop inside too! It’s a great spot to catch up with friends. 


10. Screaming Beans

Screaming Beans is really creative spot in the city! They have 3 locations in the city, and all of them have a different vibe. It’s a great place to catch up with the friends and work from! You can see cute illustrations as a design at their locations, and the coffee they serve is pretty tasty! 

Amsterdam has many good  places opening every month - these are our top 10 favorite day spots in the city! Hope you will enjoy!

Have you ever been one of them before, or planning to? We would like to hear about your favorite coffee places in Amsterdam! 

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