Why is it hard to make new friends as adults?  .. And how After5 can help you!

Why is it hard to make new friends as adults? .. And how After5 can help you!

Did you know that there's a friendship formula? Experts suggest it's influenced by 4 variables:

  • Proximity: The closeness or location you share with someone.
  • Frequency: How often you interact with them.
  • Duration: The amount of time spent together during each interaction.
  • Intensity: The depth of the relationship, including shared interests and the intimacy of conversations.

Friendship: Proximity X Frequency X Duration X Intensity 

When you combine and multiply these factors, you get a likelihood of the strength of a friendship, as experts says. However, the importance of each variable can vary for different individuals based on their values and preferences.

Proximity matters because it makes the interaction in-person. Frequency is How often we see the person, because as long as we see the person, we can share more and learn more about them. It's much like the organic connections formed in school or workplaces. However, as adults, creating these frequent interactions requires more effort and time due to limited shared spaces. 

Duration, similar to frequency, is crucial as it provides time for meaningful moments and sharings. And finally, intensity, which includes the quality of conversations and shared interests, significantly impacts the depth of the relationship.

After5 is designed to make new friends easier - with less effort & time. With our dinners and 1-1 matching, we bring likely minded ambitious, authentic, life-loving women together to create new connections with each other. We help people that live in the same city, have dinner & drinks together for long hours with intimate conversations

We understand the struggle of finding like-minded friends as adults, but it all starts with a simple dinner where curiosity and an open mind can lead to meaningful connections.

In today's fast-paced world, making new friends as an adult is tough. Don't wait to invest in building new connections that can positively impact your life. 


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